Cindy Couling, Californias

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What our readers have to say about ATC Quarterly:

Got my issue of ATC Quarterly - wow that is so cool. It is so well done,
great layout, and color. It is wonderful to have a magazine for ATCs...
love the inspiration and getting to see what others do.
—M.C. Sparks, Nashville, Tennessee

I just love ATC Quarterly. Every issue brings some inspiration.
—L.A. Smith, Bothell, Washington

It is such an inspiring and unique magazine!
Ammi Rosten, Belmont, California

It's great! I find there is a lot of content and it has a quality feel to it (nice paper, good colour reproduction, lovely design.) Gordon was impressed as well. And it's great inspiration. I've really been enjoying how this ATC stuff has been pushing me creatively.
Natalie Rowe, Apple Hill, Ontario

The latest ATC Quarterly arrived in my mailbox this afternoon!! It's marvelous, as always! One of my favorite things this quarter is the article about Stacy Zimmerman - did you know she is the reason that I'm a subscriber? Yep, she turned me on to your wonderful mag, and I'm so glad she did! Thank you for your wonderful publication!
Mel Kolstad, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Thanks for editing and publishing ATC Quarterly. It's always a pleasure to receive it and spend a few hours pouring over the wonderful art and articles.
L.A. Smith, Bothell, Washington

As always, I read through the entire Summer Issue on the day I got it, then have reread and enjoyed it many times since.
Pat Davis, Pembroke, New Hampshire

Love your magazine. “Just right” size and frequency for reading and absorption! Thank you Thank you!
Sharon Eisbrenner, Regina, Saskatchewan

I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying my copies of your publication! I pick them up all the time and each time I find something new and wonderful to look at and read about. I'm going to try to get some other past issues when I can. My husband has me on "restriction". (Insert a big smile!!!!!!)
Maureen Bergman, Riverton, NJ

Thanks for the reminder, Ronna. I really enjoy seeing what others do in ATCs. The Quarterly is a great source of ideas. I've written the cheque and will mail it this afternoon.
Judy McIntosh, Richmond, BC

I love the publication - it's always a joy and surprise to see it in my mailbox.
—Cindy Couling, Sunnyvale, CA

Just wanted to tell you this is a really great issue!!! I'll be renewing my subscription on payday! Keep up the great work!
—Karen Scites, Belfry, KY

Our mail was delayed because of the hurricane, so it was with great anticipation that I finally received my issue today. You are right (as you stated on your blog) . . . it is a very good issue. The cover art is lovely and the variety of cards is fascinating. It always amazes me how much you are able to pack into such a "portable" publication.
—Shelly R. Sessions, New Orleans, LA

Just wanted to say that I've received my 2nd copy of ATC Quarterly and am really enjoying reading every word. Keep up the fantastic job of putting the journal out every quarter; it's truly wonderful to have a magazine solely on my favourite topic.
—Diana O'Cobhthaigh, Queensland, Australia

I was trying to tidy up my art space and came across my two issues of ATC Quarterly , which of course I had to stop and reread. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your articles and absorbing the photos in the issues. You really do pack a lot into such a small publication-it is all top notch. Great work and I look forward to my next issue.
—Lynne Larkin, Joliet, IL

Thank you for doing such a WONDERFUL job with ATC Quarterly. I really enjoy it!
—Lauren Baxter, New Jersey

I really find your magazine, interesting and beautiful. Glad I subscribed.
Wiebke Scheffler, Greece

ATC Quarterly can fit it into my bag easily, it’s so convenient if I want to read whilst I am on the train or bus. I can’t wait for the next one to be delivered!
—Marina A. Warner, England

I realize my sub is running out and I will put a cheque in the mail when I sit down to pay bills at the end of the month. I adore your magazine and I have found so many useful links. The content is perfect. Thanks for all you do! Looking forward to another year of ATC Quarterly!
—Sherry MacKenzie, High River, Alberta

Just a note to let you know I received my first copy of ATC Quarterly, and I enjoyed it very much. I read it cover to cover, and was especially thrilled to see names and artwork by several people that I know and trade with! Very nice publication. I'm glad I stumbled upon it!
—Cheryl Thomas, Kalama, Washington

Thanks so much for the e-mail reminding me to renew my subscription. I love ATC Quarterly and look forward to seeing the next issue! Keep up the good work.
Deb Middleton-Hope, Lethbridge, Alberta

It looks great, thanks so much and of course I had to renew my subscription as I can't wait to see what else you're going to come with in this excellent publication!
—Frieda Oxenham, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

Got the new issue in the mail this am, really enjoying it! Keep up the great work.
—Don McNulty, Coquitlam, BC

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I received the ATC Quarterly issues today and I wanted to let you know how very much I have enjoyed reading them. They are so full of information and's also comforting to know there are many other artists that enjoy creating just for the sake of "art" and not for the almighty dollar.
Again...thank you for a truly enjoyable publication....your time, effort and love of art is appreciated far more than words can express.
—Lauren Baxter, Beachwood, New Jersey

I just got my 4 back issues and I’m really pleased with them. Though not "cheap," they are worth the price. Beautiful concept!
—Johanna Goisser, Germany