History of ATCs

In 1996-97, a new art culture sprang up which rejected the tradition of critiquing and pricing art. Swiss artist m. vanci stirnemann is hailed as the father of the Artist Trading Card (ATC) movement. stirnemann, inspired by hockey trading cards, created and showcased 1200 similarly-sized cards-his original works of art-in his gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. He told people who wanted one of his cards to come back and bring one of their own in trade. A movement was born.

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Twenty four pages with lots of colour, 8. 5 by 5. 5

Issue 25 - Winter 2011

The Final Issue: Profile of a Trader: Kate Strickland
ATCs on the Appalachian Trail • Appreciating Small Works of Art
“Goodbye” Challenge"


Issue 24 - Fall 2011

Profile of a Treder: Elisabeth Reboux • Big Impact, Small Art
Techniques: Coloured Pencil Illustration and Non-Paper ATCs
"Dog Days" Challenge

Issue 23 - Summer 2011

Profile of a Trader: C. Z. Lovecraft • New Mexico Group
Marie Antoinette Variations • Fabergé Egg ATCs
“Birds and Bees” Challenge

Issue 22 - Spring 2011

Profile of a Trader: Suzanne Caron-Richer • Steampunk • Klimt Variations
String and Paint Technique • Famous Cats in Art
“Spring Has Sprung” Challenge


Issue 21 - Winter 2010

A Special Issue: Triptychs • Triptychs • More Triptychs
"Cows" Challenge


Issue 20 - Fall 2010

Profile of a Trader: Elaine Hughes • Mail Art • Glue Technique
"Outer Space" Challenge • ATCs in the Classroom • ATCs on the Beach ATCs in the Chicken Coop


Issue 19 - Summer 2010

Profile of a Trader: Ingrid Dijkers • The San Luis Obispo Traders
1,000 Cups of Tea • Jeudis • Letterboxing • “Sock Monkeys” Challenge


Issue 18 - Spring 2010

Profile of a Trader: Lynne Larkin • The Milwaukee, Wisconsin Traders
Prisms and Pixels • Transit Traders • “The Beatles” Challenge


Issue 17 - Winter 2010

Profile of a Trader: Carol Parks • The Nevr-Dull Technique
Creative Binders • Glengarry Wood Fair
It Starts With a Pencil • “Say Cheese” Challenge


Issue 16 - Fall 2009

Profile of a Trader: Colette Copeland
Minnesota's Twin Cities Traders • Zentangle
I Dare You • Kick-starting Creativity
“Andy Warhol” Challenge


Issue 15 - Summer 2009

Profile of a Trader: Evlyn Fortier • Victoria, BC Traders
Cole Porter Inspirations • It’s a Family Affair
Ladies of the Past • “You Are My Sunshine” Challenge


Issue 14 - Spring 2009

Profile of a Trader: Yogi Grunwald • Toronto, Ontario Traders
ATC Websites • Haiku ATCs • “Dollars & Sense” Challenge


Issue 13 - Winter 2009

Profile of a Trader: Marie Otero • Arlington, Washington Traders
Journaling the Characters Within • Beaded ATCs
“Puppy Dogs” Challenge


Issue 12 - Fall 2008

Profile of a Trader: Dot Pizarro • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Traders
Art Dolls • Beeswax ATCs • “Fall Leaves” Challenge


Issue 11 - Summer 2008

Profile of a Trader: Michael deMeng • Winnipeg, Manitoba Traders
Teaching ATCs for Dummies • Metal ATCs • “Polka Dot” Challenge


Issue 10 - Spring 2008

Profile of a Trader: Mariana Musa • Amarillo, TX Traders
Claudine Hellmuth's Poppets • The 365 ATCs of Carolyn Brady
"Rabbit" Challenge

Issue 9 - Winter 2007

“Let Them Eat Cake” Challenge • Profile of a Trader: Jen Worden
Vancouver, BC Traders • Journaling with Linda Scott
Tammy Routley’s Unfolding ATCs

Issue 8 - Fall 2007

The Owl and the Pussycat Challenge • Profile of a Trader: Sarah Fishburn NH Traders • Journaling with Cindy Couling • Recycling
Variations on a Theme • Teaching


Issue 7 - Summer 2007

“For the Birds” Challenge • Profile of a Trader: Brenda Kennedy
Denver, CO Traders • Journaling • Teaching at Marwen
Mixed-Media/Stained Glass ATCs


Issue 6 - Spring 2007

Homage to Frida Kahlo • Profile of a Trader: Don Mabie a.k.a Chuck Stake
SchoolArts ATC Contest • Calgary, AB Traders
• Perry Bedbrook’s Perryburdz


Issue 5 - Winter 2007

Old Hat, New Shoes • Profile of a Trader: Bill Thomson
ATCs at CreativFestival • Richmond, BC Traders
• ATCs Inspire • Kim Hopkins


Issue 4 - Fall 2006

The Fool Ish • Profile of a Trader: Frips • Series: Amy Blandford
Regina, SK Traders • OrigamiUSA • Guild of American Papercutters
Tom Ford's Barbies


Issue 3 - Summer 2006

The Self Ish • Profile of a Trader: Sylvia Luna • Albuquerque, NM Traders
Triptychs: Julie Durocher, Ed Giecek, Kristen Fox, Sara Holt
Teaching • Displaying


Issue 2 - Spring 2006

The Fish Ish • The Marysville, WA Traders • Undercover in Toronto
Profile of an On-line Trader: Dentan • Q & A: Penelope Harris
Columbus, Ohio ATC Show • The Big Tomato • Triptych: Stacie Rife


Issue 1 - Winter 2006

Faves from the Dunvegan Traders • The Incredible Mr. Beals
Profile of a Trader: Sarah Gledhill • Lynnwood, WA Traders
Long-Distance Trading